Independence Day Celebration in the City
July 2, 2023

On Sunday, July 2, 2023, the members and their families supported the Independence Day Celebration in our beautiful City. We had every unit and utility vehicle manned, our four bike team members, Level Volunteer Fire Company, Hacks Point Fire Company, and the Harford County DES units, to handle the thousands of citizens and visitors to the City. The day started at 8:00 am with washing and stocking the units, preparing the bike team's EMS bags, lunch briefing, dinner break, and wrapped up at midnight when the City was quiet again. A big Thank You to everyone who worked so hard to pull this off--from providing emergency care, to handing out over 250 pounds of candy in the parade, to giving out over 2,000 bottles of cold water at the end of the parade, followed by those who stayed on the units or signed up to handle the fireworks crowd. A special thank you to those who worked behind the scenes, as well as those who helped at the misting tent and first aid station--this couldn't happen without your help as well. And as always, a great debt of gratitude goes out to the Promenade Grille and Pat's Pizzeria--thank you so much! As Chief Quackenbush said, "this event cannot be done without the support of every member in the company and I thank all of you and your families, and the supporting companies, for a job well done!!"